Quick-Solution - Dashboards, Reports, Software Development

Who we are?

We are an experienced and dynamically developing company strongly focused on software development. We have evolved to specialize in providing software which meets all our customers business needs. Following our motto “Your software – Our passion” every day we enjoy to work and produce a state of art business tools.

Quick-Solution - Dashboards, Reports, Software Development

What we do?

Business Intelligence, Financial Reports and Dashboards development are our core competences. We provide highly specialized solutions to support our customers' specific business processes and needs. This includes web, mobile and desktop application development, dedicated corporate intranet systems, distributed systems and reports.

Quick-Solution - Dashboards, Reports, Software Development

Challenge us!

We encourage you to challenge and contact us. If you have any questions, want to know more, simply - write us an email or call us. Our experienced team will handle your entire project's lifecycle from requirements, analysis via tests to final product release and training.
We will be happy to help you!
Together we will find answers to your questions.

Quick-Solution Mission

Deliver state of the art software that will help people and businesses achieve their maximum success.

Software solutions that will meet your real needs and support your business processes, directly influence your success.

We aim to achieve our mission by following our motto 'Your Software - Our Passion' and through accomplishing set of company goals in daily work environment.

  • delivered solutions have to meet customers’ real needs with consideration of business type
  • deliver highest quality and highest standard software code
  • gain knowledge and experience by learn something new every day
  • share experience, knowledge with colleagues and customers
  • communicate, don’t be afraid to ask questions and take feedback
Quick-Solution - Dashboards, Reports, Software Development

Reports and Dashboards (BI)

Quick-Solution's Reports, Dashboards and Business Intelligence solutions will gather your company's data and analysis in one place. Together we transform these data into information and statistic which will provide business knowledge that allows you to increase your company's competitiveness on the market.

Dashboards and reports gathered in one company system provide you with a constant overview and monitoring of your company's key performance indicators (KPI's). Statistic, analysis, process summaries and key company trends can be easily accessed from any device (desktop, web, mobile, Smart TVs).

Individual approach towards business processes, its analysis and understanding leads to creating a project that suits and matches your business model a 100%.

Be ahead of your competition - it’s easy when we work together.

Testimonials and clients

Our hard work has been appreciated by our clients – thank you, we will continue delivery services on highest level.


We develop our state of the art business and financial software while working with passion and innovation - creating reliable tools. We achieve this by using professional tools and technologies - check out our technology stack.

Quick-Solution - Dashboards, Reports, Software Development

Company trusted, widely used in business software development. Microsoft .NET Framework is core of our all solutions.

Quick-Solution - Dashboards, Reports, Software Development

Professional solutions require professional support and tools. Devexpress Controls are our daily choice.

Quick-Solution - Dashboards, Reports, Software Development

ASP.NET MVC server-side framework used to designed and develop top class web applications and services.

Quick-Solution - Dashboards, Reports, Software Development

Our solutions are deployed, hosted and managed by Azure Cloud. Depend on architecture, more often we implement Azure Services.

Quick-Solution - Dashboards, Reports, Software Development

For storing our data, analysis, processing reports we’re using SQL Server database.

Quick-Solution - Dashboards, Reports, Software Development

Integrated development environment (IDE) loved by our developers. Help us deliver low memory, fast and scalable solution for your business.

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